Kevin Walsh is a Kyrene dad, a local business attorney, and an advocate for children and teachers.
Kevin understands that the Kyrene School District is essential to preserving the value of our community.
Like all parents, Kevin wants the best for his children. His family chose to make their home in the Kyrene community because of the quality education that they would receive in Kyrene schools. Kevin recognizes that strong public schools are the foundation of the quality of life for our families and our community.
Kevin has two children in our Kyrene schools. As a parent who is actively involved in his children’s education, he recognizes the needs of our students and teachers. Our students must be provided with the necessary resources to support learning. Our teachers must be given the tools that they need to deliver quality classroom instruction. He recognizes where Kyrene excels, and he sees where it must do even better for our children.
Kevin will work to ensure that our Kyrene schools provide our children with a quality education. He knows that Kyrene must invest in our children’s education in a sustainable and fiscally responsible manner.
Kevin believes that our community deserves transparency and sound fiscal oversight from the Kyrene School Board. As financial stewards, members of the Kyrene School Board are entrusted with managing our community’s resources. Kevin will be steadfast in ensuring that our resources are invested wisely to have the greatest impact.
As a dedicated advocate for education, Kevin believes that Kyrene must responsibly manage its finances without depriving our children of the resources that they need to succeed.
He knows that recruiting and retaining the best teachers for our children is key to the success of Kyrene's future.  Kevin is committed to ensuring that our Kyrene teachers are valued and respected for their hard work.